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QuietSundays wishes every single one of you an advanced Merry Christmas! To all our Family and Friends who have showed us continued support, what with all our existing commitments, we would like to sincerely give back as a form of appreciation to every single one of you. Sale ends this Christmas Eve, so act fast, before it’s all gone!

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We just wanted to let you know that we are simply insanely thrilled at the reception we are receiving since our release of our Basic Tee entity. The main culprits are customers who have previously purchased our Reunion is Strength pack about a year ago. This tells us only one thing – premium quality always prevails. Ssome of our friends who have supported this project of ours are encouraging and spurring us on to dive right into our next release! Such positive reception really really fuels us to work even harder. Oh yes, we have also recently sent out our samples to some top local bloggers in effort to try and get the word out. So you might want to stay tuned for that.

For those who have so faithfully showed their support, this post here is just to let you know that your fresh packages are on its very way.

Once again, if you haven’t already seen our latest product, you can follow this link:

Till then, always remember one thing – premium quality always, always prevails.



In what you’ve always believed in. Unintentionally on one of those Sunday evening gathering at a local fast-food joint, the few of us came together and with just the aid of dim lighting conditions, a few pieces of scrap receipts dug out from the darkest corner of our wallets, a ballpoint pen borrowed from the cashier, a few fags and drinks, but one very spontaneous but focused goal in mind, we created the very first two basic designs of what is better known now as QuietSundays.

Sunday – a sudden jerk to reality. It is once again, the end of the week. Time to sleep in and report for work and school the next day. Time to say goodbye to your friends and loved ones. Time to once again, painfully look forward to the next upcoming weekend. Time to fight the Monday blues. Time to wrap up.

Here at QuietSundays, we see it not just as the end of the week. Like how one Sunday turned out for us, it was the beginning of something fresh, something outstandingly spectacular. Till today, more than a year after, we can still remember that experience so vividly at that fast-food joint. Sundays became sacred to us. Sundays became our reunion, and soon, Sundays became a day where our minds conjoined, forming thoughts and expressions, evolving into one whole universe of design spectrums and directives. Sundays became a think-tank for us. Brainstorming. Fast-forwarding. Senseless arguments. Incorrect judgements. Yet through all these negatives, we were but forming the heart and soul of QuietSundays.

What you see here are the final exquisite finished products of our pioneer hardwork.

Sundays; time to fight the Monday blues, time to wrap up. Time to sleep? Not very exactly for us. 

QuietSundaysthe end of the beginning, the beginning of the end. 

wordtrinity bird

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main sneak peal


Long hiatus is finally, finally over. Get ready.

Pass this on. Keep the Flare alive.

QuietSundays loves doing giveaways. Our first competition reaped good results. For that, this time round, not 1, not 2, but FIVE lucky winners will walk away with our Reunion is Strength AND Flare Pack by simply liking the photo that can be found in the following link:

Hit ‘Like’ by the following Sunday, 5 August, and you’re automatically enrolled into this competition.

How is this going to get any easier?

Flare Pack

Warmed by the response of our Reunion is Strength entity, we pushed ourselves to come up with our next product in the shortest time possible. As you may already have known, QuietSundays sincerely believes that good things are worth sharing. As such, we are pleased to announce that at an affordable price of SGD8, you can be a part of our project!

The Flare Pack consists of badges and stickers, all crafted and immensely vectored in great detail in an extremely compact canvas. Makes all the sharing easier, makes all the sharing better!

Again, at an affordable price of SGD8, it is hard not to share the joy with us. The only catch is that we urge you to pass this on, to keep the Flare alive. Share this with friends, family, foes, and when you do that, tell them QuietSundays sent you, and let them know that they are a part of this union of thoughts, part of this humble project of ours.

To purchase, simply send your order in this format to





Please note that the address should be the billing address (i.e. fill in your friend’s address if you are passing this gift on to her/him). The package will be sent to the address given via normal postage. Click the ‘Purchase’ tab at the top of your screen for more info. We’ll be happy to include a personal note on your behalf, QuietSundays-style!

Sharing can’t get any easier.

Spotted in Seoul!

We have been busy marking up new products, putting in more than what we did for our Reunion is Strength exclusive simply because our Friends and Family have been tremendously supportive and encouraging! Just a few days ago, we received a pleasantly surprising email that probably summed up why we would go to such lengths to produce only the best products:

Reunion is Strength spotted in Seoul! Credits to ChinChye for this telling photo.

The feeling of having our humble apparel line spotted in the capitol of Korea, Seoul, is simply beyond words. This only reiterates our vision and desire to spread goodwill like wildfire through graphics and prose.

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Still on the note that good things are worth sharing, we, at QuietSundays, have came up with the perfect tool for your friends, family, foes and yourself to be part of this humble project of ours. After listening to countless of feedbacks from our friends, we have decided that monetary issue should never come in between QuietSundays and you. For that, our next installment will be capped at an extremely affordable price.

Now, nothing will stop you from being part of QuietSundays.

You might want to stay tuned for this one. This is going to be good.

Keep the Flare alive.

Winner of Twitter Contest!

Congratulations, Clement Ng!

A close friend of the good people at QuietSundays, Clement was the very first one who responded to our call when we opened the Twitter contest giveaway. He has also been extremely supportive and have helped to share what QuietSundays  is all about mercilessly to all of his friends, thoroughly deserving of a gift of appreciation from us!

Clement, here’s to you and an everlasting friendship with QuietSundays! Now, you can save that 48 bucks of yours for our future designs!

For those who have responded to the giveaway but was not chosen, fret not – QuietSundays will always look for reasons to hold such giveaways whenever we can! Keep your eyes peeled – who knows, we might already be on a lookout for another winner for our next giveaway.

So hurry away, because good things are worth sharing!

Pledge & Purchase

Envision this – An abusive partner, a family of selfishness and selflessness, a pocket full of emptiness; Your heart yearns for attention, not too much, just enough to make you feel alive once again. Yet all you ever feel is fear, and what an overpowering feeling fear is.

Fear; It drags you down with absolute determination to a bottomless pit of no return. It shuts your heart down, shuts your body system down, brings you to an entirely new universe where what you can only see, feel, hear, smell is your soul of emptiness – the exact reason why you came here in the first place.

Fear; Your attempts at escapism only result in a series of endless false hopes. Unendearingly frightening, frighteningly unendearing, you pick up the only light you see. Yet within moments, you hear chuckling, the type you detest, the mocking-kind. And then.

Fear; Leap, and pitch black darkness.

With great earnesty, we propose a solution that may fail to solve. What then is this very solution?

QuietSundays acts as a highly accessible medium, a cradle of empathy, where equality is the only constant language. A strong desire for affirmation and compassion for the kindred souls, where the sculpted arc knows no face, faith, race. This is nothing spiritual. This is nothing scientific. Who do you look for when you are thrown into loneliness?

QuietSundays looks to project itself as one of the many various source of outlook, the vision to be the perfect environment for your sharing. We hope to receive all your stories, be it triumphant or miserable ones – from ancedotes to biographies, from poems to rants – we ensure full annonymity. Let your story be another’s encouragement; your misfortune be another’s lesson. Let your moments of triump spread across the globe like an epidemic.

Because at QuietSundays, if our hands cannot reach you, then our words and graphics indefinitely will.

Purchase Reunion is Strength today as a pledge to the untenable fact that somehow in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, amidst all other outstanding commitments –

That we are not ever, nearly alone as we think we are.

Get your details in and help establish something everyone needs in our lives – each other.

Reunion is Strength.